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cap 80

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[Patch Notes] Lv. 80 - A Song of Fate and Fire
by Team Dragon Nest on 6/2/2015 8:29:00 PM

Once upon a time, there were a king, a dragon and a child of destiny. The dream of the Goddess held many trials and surprises for them and their paths never crossed. Now that the story is slowly coming to an end, the time has come to bring their fates together. The dream is closing in on this world and soon, destruction will be upon it.
Can the Goddess be reawakened? Who will survive the death throes of the Monolith? Can this crumbling world overcome its fear and its sadness and make it through to a better tomorrow? Somebody will have to take action. Who will it be – the king, the dragon or the child?

Royal Guard Roy is waiting for you to continue your journey!
New Main Quest Chapters
Chapter 11: Prelude of Apocalypse
Quest NPC: Royal Guard Roy in Saint Haven
Quest Area: Fire Mountain Entrance
Quest Requirement: [For Hope] in “Extra Chapter 3: Beginning of a Legend” cleared
Level Requirement: Lv. 70 or higher
Daily Quests
Blacksmith Merlin and Dishonest Merchant Nero will give you various new Daily Quests will be available for Level 80!

Daily Quest Party System
The Daily Quest Party System will be adjusted to Lv. 80. 
[Daily] Swamp of Dead Night, Silver Crescent Training Ground, Forest of Waiting Noon, 5 Chaos Stages

will be replaced with:

[Daily] Relic of Fog, Shadow Grave,  Flame Canyon,  Abyss of Heat, Watcher's Tower, Wailing Wall, Eye of the Goddess, Praying Heart
Adventurer’s Guild Quests
Since not everybody can simply enter the Monolith, you need to get your reason to go there from the Adventurer's Guild Board! You will find the slightly uncanny looking Guild Board for Monolith quests towering over the area next to the Monolith Entrance.
Time Attack Quest
Apart from the time influencing your regular dungeons runs, this feature has really been put on a pedestal now. From now on, you will be given Time Attack Quest when running dungeons.
The countdown will start once your start the Time Attack Quest. You can see the timer in the Quest Overview as well as in the NPC and Quest Helper.  Once the time has run out, the Quest will fail.
If you want to have another go at it, you can simply go back to the NPC who gave you the quest and try again.

[New EX Skills]
Each Lv. 80 Specialization will have new EX Skills that require 2 Skill Points.

Finish Attack EX: Enhances Finish Attack. The sword hits the ground and explodes 2 times, damaging enemies. The second explosion will deal 50% additional damage.

Moon Lord
Moon Blade Dance EX: Enhances Moon Blade Dance. Right-Click while shooting sword energy into the air to descend and shoot moon blade energy down. Deals 100% additional sword energy damage and 50% additional damage while descending.

Bone Crash EX: Enhances Bone Crash. Left-click after striking down on enemies to thrust them into the air. The additional hit deals 50% additional damage.

Maelstrom Howl EX: Enhances Maelstrom Howl. Exploding Energy deals 100% additional damage.

Cheating Point EX: You can explode the summoned flower immediately by pressing the shortcut again within 5 seconds. The explosion deals 50% increased damage.

Detonating Arrow EX: You can shoot 3 detonating arrows in a row. Left-click to shoot another arrow.

Hurricane Dance EX: Enhances Hurricane Dance. Each hit deals an additional 100% Physical Attack damage and the last hit deals 50% damage.

Wind Walker
Rising Storm EX: Enhances Rising Storm. You spin faster and strike more hits that deal 50% additional damage.

Rolling Lava EX: The summoned magma ball will roll a while before exploding. You can also explode it immediately by left-clicking. The explosion deals 50% additional damage.

Ice Barrier EX: Enhances Ice Barrier. Increases Ice Attack by 10% when the shield expires. Use the skill again within 5 seconds to increase Ice Attack by an additional 30%, but at the expense of your shield. Ice Attack Boost Duration: 10 seconds.
Laser Cutter EX: Summons a laser that will explode and return to you, dealing additional damage to an enemy. Bonus Explosion Damage: 50%.
Switch Gravity EX Enhances Switch Gravity to launch enemies higher into the air or strike enemies to the ground. Left-click: Strike to the ground. Bonus Damage: 50%. Right-click: Launch higher into the air. When striking or launching enemies into the air: Bonus Damage 80%
Justice Crash EX: Enhances Justice Crash. Launches enemies into the air and pulls them down to the ground to smash them. However, you cannot launch enemies when using the jump key. Launch Damage: 50%.
Judgment Hammer EX: Enhances Judgment Hammer. The hammer flies back to you after damaging the enemy.

Shock of Relic EX: Enhances Shock Relic. Lightning bolts deal damage 3 times. No change in Damage per bolt.
Consecration EX: Enhances Consecration. A powerful ray of light rises from the ground to deal great damage to enemies before consecration ends. Additional Damage: 100%
Shooting Star
Splash EX: Enhances Splash. Increases shots fired from 5 to 7
Gear Master
Big Mecha Bomb EX: Enhances Big Mecha Bomb. When the bomb reaches its 2nd or 3rd level, throw it to unleash a gang of smaller bombs that damage enemies. Damage per small bomb: 10%. Lv. 2: 3 small bombs. LV. 3: 6 small bombs.
Ice Beam  EX: Enhances Ice Beam. Duration of Ice Beam increases. Left-click to shoot Ice Bombs while firing the Ice Beam. Additional Damage: 50%. Ice Bomb Damage: 50%
Heal Shower EX: Enhances Heal Shower. Creates a healing aura that cures all harmful effects every 3 seconds and recovers HP by 3%.
Dark Summoner
Chaos Formation EX: Enhances Chaos Formation. Once summoned, the spirit zone remains even if you change your action. Deals greater damage and slows enemies. Additional Damage: 50%. Movement/Action Speed: -30%. Slow Duration: 10 seconds.
Soul Eater
Specter of Pain EX: Enhances Specter of Pain. Left-click to unleash Ghosts of Pain one more time and increase the curse explosion damage. Additional Ghosts of Pain Damage: 50%. Curse Explosion Damage 300%.
Blade Dancer
Hurricane Gust EX: Enhances Hurricane Gust. Increases duration by 50% and increases both range and damage. Additional Damage: 50%.
Spirit Dancer
Praetor EX: Enhances Praetor. Once summoned, the spirit doesn't disappear even after changing your action. Deals more damage to the enemy. Additional Damage: 50%.

Umbra EX: Enhances Umbra. Forms a poisonous cloud above the shadow rune. The poisonous cloud will gather into the rune before the rune disappears and then explode. Explosion Damage: 50%.
Artful Chaser EX: Enhances Artful Chaser. Left-click to unleash a raging combo at the end of the attack. Unleashes an explosion of madness after the combo. Additional Attack Damage: 35%. Madness Explosion Damage: 25%

Light Fury
Sunshine Spark EX: Chakra sphere explodes repeatedly, dealing 30% damage. Deals an additional 50% damage when it explodes at the end of its flight.
Abyss Walker
Nightfall EX: Enhances Nightfall. Creates a larger mantle, and the fire in the middle of the mantle deals an additional 50% damage.
[Item Changes]

Perfect Jewels
A new Jewel grade will be added. For enhancing Lv. 71-80 items, you will need “Perfect Jewels” (Perfect Agate, Perfect Alteum, Perfect Diamond).

Lv. 80 Talismans, Heraldries and Dragon Jades
You can now acquire Talismans, Heraldries and Dragon Jades adjusted for Lv. 80 in Fire Mountain and Lava River dungeons on Abyss Mode.

Dragon Jade Changes

The Elemental Conversion Jade icons have been changed so you can distinguish the attribute more easily.

 The Dragon Jade rarity does no longer have to match the equipment rarity. If you want, you can now equip epic Dragon Jades in rare equipment.

[Other Changes]

Altar of Wandering Souls

The Altar of Wandering Souls will be added.
Upon clearing Stages you will now receive you Fragments of Wandering Souls as boss loot. Go to the Altar of Wandering Souls at the Adventurer's Guild Board (Monolith) to exchange them for various buff items.

1 Fragment of Wandering Souls
Strength of Wandering Souls: +500 STR (15 min)
Agility of Wandering Souls: +500 AGI (15 min)
Intelligence of Wandering Souls: +500 INT (15 min)
10 Fragments of Wandering Souls
Hero’s EXP Book: +70% EXP (Monster Hunt/Stage Clear) for 1 day
50 Fragments of Wandering Souls
Jar of Wandering Souls: Summons a mini boss in dungeons that will give extra loot.
Disappearing NPCs
There’s something strange in the neighborhood. Every now and then, NPCs will disappear and randomly show up again. Find out what is happening in the towns by going on quests for the affected NPCs.

Deceptive Stronghold Removed
The Deceptive Stronghold will be deleted with the Level 80 patch and Deceptive Stronghold Quests (Darkness Thickens, Fragment of Darkness I+II) will not be available anymore.

Goddess Breath Store Removed
The Goddess Breath Store will be deleted.
Level Requirement Changes
Side Quests will no longer be available in Mana Ridge and Praerie Town, but only in Calderock Village and above. 
Heraldry Crafting will be available from Lv. 16 on.

The Event Stages in the Circus Maximus (Monastery Treasure Warehouse / Treacherous Path / Boss Rush) will be available up to Lv. 80.
Upgrade Material Consumption
Items below Lv.50 only need 1 Item Protection Jelly and the consumed Seal Stamps are reduced.

Lv.80 Rare/Epic Equipment Enhancement
If you fail at upgrading rare or epic Lv. 80 equipment, the upgrade level will only decrease by 1. 
Same changes will be applicable to the newly added Lv. 80 series’ equipment.

Icon Change
The icons for the Warrior's secondary weapons will be changed.

[New Dungeons]

There are two new stage entrances on Anu Arendel’s west side; Fire Mountain and Lava River.

Fire Mountain (Lv. 70+)
Relic of Fog: A nebulous area in the Fire Mountain that used to be a Hot Spring before visions of the past started haunting the place.
Shadow Grave:  A place that is haunted by souls who died trying to reach the Monolith.
Flame Canyon: The overflowing nightmares of the Goddess have manifested into a burning ordeal overflowing with lava.
Abyss of Heat: Deep beneath the Flame Canyon lies the Abyss of Heat, radiating heat and spilling searing flame monsters into a crumbling world.

Lava River (Lv. 75+)
Watcher’s Tower: An old Watch Tower built by the Ancients to guard the Monolith. Now that they are gone and the tower is destroyed, the space-time in this area is dangerously fluctuating.
Wailing Wall: Legend has it that this is the place where the tears Althea wept came down on earth. Lots of monsters roam the area to uncover the power her tears hold.
Eye of the Goddess: A Goddess statue built by the Ancients many centuries ago. As the Monolith continued to lose its power, an eye of the Goddess was stolen. Rise up to the challenge and retrieve it to restore its power.

The Praying Heart: Wherever you are, Althea’s energy surrounds you. This is the place where you can feel her presence the strongest. Her agony is creating the deadly boiling lava trying to kill you.

Once you are Lv. 80, you can play all of these dungeons on abyss difficulty.

Volcano Nest

Phoenix Lavanok’s undying flames are devouring the earth beneath its Nest and feeding the dimensional rift underneath. Stop them from consuming this world’s energy and send the Phoenix back to the hell it came from.

Entrance: Saint Haven Garden of Time and Space (Lv. 80) -> Volcano Nest (lower left gate). Level Level Requirement: 80
Entry Quest: Available at Future Information Collector iFuture3
Party Size: 1-4
Difficulty: Easy/Normal/Abyss
Revives: 5
Weekly Limit: 5 Clears

Additional Nest ID
The Lava River Freedom Fragment which you can buy in the Colosseum Shop every 2 days is a ticket for an additional Volcano Nest run.
If you have a Lava River Freedom Fragment, you can enter the Volcano Nest one more time.
Epic Lv. 80 Set (Flint/Cinder) will be available.
Crafting items for the epic Lv. 80 Set weapons and armour will be available.
Epic Heraldries (Lv.80) will be available.
Perfect Grade Jewels will be available.
You will have more crafting material drops on Hard and Abyss difficulty.

The Ladder Shop has been updated with epic and unique Lv. 70 items.

[Bug Fixes]
The missing NPC in the quest “Timid Man II“ has found his way to the Dark Overlord’s Training Camp now.
The achievement: "Professor! Did you have a mental breakdown?" can be completed now.
The previously too high movement speed during “Storm of Ewiniar“ has been fixed in PvP
An issue with the Dark Lair Ranking Board has been fixed.
Brb 72K dps 1M5 hp 25% fd

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